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The 1950s were known as the boom years, with plenty of jobs and money for luxuries. The Prime Minister Harold MacMillan told the people they never had it so good. There were so many jobs that workers from the West Indies came to work on the railways and buses. One of these workers, Gwen King, talks about how she came to England to be a nurse and how she coped with the differences between Britain and home.
Primary History
This clip is from:
Primary History, Never Had It So Good?
First broadcast:
1 May 2007

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used as a stimulus for pupils to create their own interview questions for key historical figures of their own choice, possibly with a set list to choose from. This could include ordinary people as well as famous historical figures. Pupils could then swap their interview questions with those of a partner and look at some provided sources to try to find what the answers would be. They can then swap back, having empathised with someone from the past.