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A drama-documentary based on the personal testimony of Chris who is 21 and now openly gay. When he was a teenager Chris was in an abusive relationship with an older man that he met on the internet. The film explores the different types of risky behaviour that Chris engaged in and how his secrecy further endangered him. The turning point in his story came when he confided in a youth worker who supported him in ending the relationship. The film is based on an actual interview but for the safety of the interviewee, names have been changed and the words are spoken by actors.

WARNING: This clip contains adult themes and language that may offend
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17 March 2011

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used to stimulate debate about why young gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people may be reluctant to discuss their sexuality. Consider what issues and concerns might hold them back, and what might encourage such a discussion to take place. It could also be used to explore how keeping their sexuality secret can leave young people vulnerable to abuse, and the difficulties of escaping from abusive relationships.

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