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In 'David Copperfield', the author Charles Dickens wrote about the books that David read. In fact it was himself he was writing about. The extract describes the kind of books that David Copperfield read and his fascination with the characters involved. The life that Dickens first experienced was similar to that of any other child from his social background.
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9 November 2007

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used to explore Charles Dickens' young life and how his childhood inspired his work. After watching the clip the class could discuss the character of David Copperfield - from the clip can they tell what sort of person the young Charles Dickens was? The children could write down what they think are the key words and phrases that show the character of young Dickens and therefore Copperfield. This could lead to a piece of writing where the children draw on their own experiences and what they enjoy doing to create their own character.