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A look at push and pull factors operating in South Africa, examining the motives for rural to urban migration. Lack of amenities, poor water supply, sanitation and electricity contribute to a harsh life in the villages. Hard farm work and lack of other jobs, coupled with drought and crop failure also drive people from the countryside. The pull of the town is illustrated by a bus journey to the town, pointing out the perceived attractions of an urban lifestyle. With thanks to 'Nick Chevelier Video Production'. No narration.
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18 October 2007

Classroom Ideas

Students are asked for three reasons why people want to leave the countryside and three reasons why they think choose to move to the urban areas. They then watch the clip and must give their reasons by interpreting what is in the images and sounds of the two places. After feeding back their ideas they could then watch the same clip with the commentary and develop a simple summary of push and pull factors.

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