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Excerpts from dance repertoires by Doug Elkins, choreographed using various dance and movement styles. The viewer is invited to identify the various styles used in two sections from Doug Elkins' 'A Knot Annulled'. These range from ballet to Capoeira, kung fu to hip hop. Both sections are similar in that the style-specific motifs are relatively obvious. The use of contrasting music is also a feature which makes for an interesting juxtaposition between dance and accompaniment. Choreographic relationships are also evident and we see solo, duet and group work. Motifs based on gestures are used to start the piece and to form links.
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27 February 2008

Classroom Ideas

For building understanding of choreography and the concept of fusing styles. If illustrating the use of representational gesture. If developing contemporary work from a specific style. If exploring contrast in dance or music.