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A look at different movements that animals use to move around - kangaroos hop, bush babies and strawberry arrow frogs jump, while lemurs skip and jump.
Our Planet
This clip is from:
Our Planet, Hop, Skip and Jump and Baby Birds
First broadcast:
1 March 2007

Classroom Ideas

Could be used as an introduction to a topic on how animals move, with a Geography link using an atlas to identify where in the world the animals' habitats are. The clip could be paused and the class could be asked to find the country and pin photos of the animals on the correct place with some information on how they move, as a display. Further research could be done to compare both the way the animals move in different ways and the varied habitats. A P.E. lesson could also be used as a way to reinforce the learning where pupils are asked to move around like hopping kangaroos, jumping bushbabies, hopping strawberry arrow frogs close to the ground and skipping lemurs, using suitable music or percussion to generate sounds. There is also an opportunity to develop topic work on how animals carry their babies linked to some KS1 stories and a class book on nocturnal animals could be created.