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A discussion between Merlin and King Arthur about how to make Arthur more 'king-like'. Arthur is fed up with not being taken seriously. Merlin advises him to look the part, play the part and talk the part. The conclusion shows that to create a character a writer can portray a character by what the character does, how they look and by what they say and do.
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2 October 2007

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used to develop character profiles before writing a story. Produce an A3 sheet with three boxes. Box one is the space for the child to draw and annotate a picture of the character. Labels should be mainly adjectives. Box two allows the child to write five or six actions that the character might fulfil. This will prompt good use of powerful verbs. Box three contains three speech bubbles to allow the character to have a voice. Once work is completed, these elements of the character can be used within the story.

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