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The internationally renowned architect David Adjaye investigates how our disused power stations are being redeveloped for alternative uses. The historic Wapping Project saw the redevelopment of the disused Wapping Hydraulic Power Station into a restaurant, art gallery and performance space. David Adjaye explains how much of the original hydraulic equipment and machinery has been retained, giving an interesting and unique atmosphere. We also hear about the redevelopment of the Bankside Power Station into the Tate Modern art gallery as well as proposals for redeveloping Battersea and Lots Road power stations.
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12 November 2009

Classroom Ideas

Could be used to provide an insight into how we preserve our historic and iconic buildings. Following the clip, students could be asked at foundation level to investigate and report on any reuse of buildings in their local area, higher level pupils could review how the private and public use of built assets makes a direct contribution to local economies and communities, or more advanced students could research the primary social, political and economic factors which influence the planning process.