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A report about four young actresses training to work for the Mexican multi-media conglomerate, 'Televisa'. We meet Anaís, Hannah, Alejandra and Adriana, who all have ambitions to find stardom within 'Televisa', the largest media company in the Spanish-speaking world. They introduce themselves and talk about their professional ambitions. We watch them rehearse in soap operas and voice training sessions.
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28 October 2008

Classroom Ideas

Could be used to revise vocabulary for personal information. A class could use the template below to fill in information about the four girls in the clip:

'Soy/Me llamo (Anaís). Tengo (19 años). Soy (Mexicana). Vivo aquí en (México). Mi sueño es (ser una gran estrella)'.

They could then adapt this to include their name, age, nationality, profession and dreams for the future

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