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The UK is home to a wide variety of plants and animals, both familiar and unfamiliar. Many of them, such as worms, snails, weeds, flowers and trees, can be seen every day.

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KS1 Science Clips
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18 September 2007

Classroom Ideas

The clip could be used when studying the local natural habitat. Pupils could be asked to predict which living organisms they might find in the environment surrounding their school. A class list of their suggestions could be compiled, followed by a nature walk around the grounds to identify as many organisms as possible.
On returning to the classroom, the clip could be played to compare their findings with those in the habitat presented on the video. The variety of organisms displayed should provide a useful and interesting discussion point. Teachers could extend the discussion to include the suitability of the animals and plants to their habitat. Where would you expect to find the slugs in our local school grounds? The foxes? Why would you find them in these particular places? Why did you not see any sharks? tigers? monkeys?

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