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In this clip, members of the Alba Adventure Company explain how they are able to recreate the Jacobite experience at the time of the 1745 Rising, demonstrating the weapons and fighting techniques that helped them defeat the Redcoats until the Battle of Culloden. The Redcoats won at Culloden because they were better led and trained in a new fighting drill by their leader Cumberland. After the battle, Jacobite survivors were massacred to ensure the Rising was brought to an end.
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13 October 2008

Classroom Ideas

Children might compare and contrast the different equipment used by the Jacobites and the Hanoverians. The children could develop replica equipment and recreate battles focusing on location, structure, organisation and discipline. They might explore how it feels to have someone taking over your land by the winning team (Hanoverians). Children could take over the classroom after the battle and have control of the equipment, go to break earlier or have first choice over the seats in the classroom. This could be followed by a conversation relating this back to the ’45 rising. Students can use this clip to name and label the different parts of Jacobite fighting equipment and to discuss the importance of discipline and leadership.

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