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Mr Fortescue loses his straw hat on the way to a barbecue. A short story illustrating the 'ue' phoneme (as in barbecue) with multiple repetitions of the sound. Some would be represented in writing as 'ue' and some as 'ew'.
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8 May 2007

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used to develop phonological awareness and phonics in order to hear and identify the 'ue' phoneme in words. Play the clip without the visuals and ask children to listen closely for the most common phoneme. Once this is identified as 'ue', give a 'thumbs up' when the sound is heard. Can the children find/think of any other words with 'ue' in? Children could investigate where the 'ue' usually occurs - beginning, middle or end? How many of the words are names?