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The Karkonosze National Park in Poland is a popular ski resort and its expansion may come at a cost to the environment. This film looks at the development of tourism in the Karkonosze National Park and the impact this is likely to have on the natural environment of the area.
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17 May 2007

Classroom Ideas

Before watching the clip, children could be asked to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of tourism. They could be asked to think about the impact on the environment that tourism could have and ways in which tourism is damaging the environment. After watching the clip, children could discuss what negative environmental impacts they saw within the clip, on the local town and the surrounding forest. Children could then develop ideas and ways of minimising or preventing damage to the environment by tourists. They could display their ideas as posters or as an information booklet. Children could also look at their local area and see if they can spot ways in which tourism may be effecting their local environment, and then come up with ideas to alert visitors on how to look after the local habitats.

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