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William Shakespeare's 'Macbeth' Act 5 Scene 1 - the sleepwalking scene where Lady Macbeth's madness becomes evident.
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19 March 1998

Classroom Ideas

Can be used to aid students' understanding of Shakespeare's intentional use of prose or verse to signify meaning to the audience. Students will need to be briefed on Shakespeare's use of verse (rhythm and rhyme) in dialogue, with a possible introduction to iambic pentameter. Then students will be able to see that this first scene in Act 5 is almost entirely written in prose. Can students think of different reasons why this is? What does this say about Lady Macbeth's state of mind and the way the audience may respond to her? Students should note that this is the last time the character appears on stage and she never gets the chance to speak in verse again. Can students find other examples in the play of the switch from verse to prose? Can students label the characters who use prose, in a group?