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Rolls Royce use 'just in time' production planning for the Trent 700 jet engine to save time and money. This is the production process on a big scale. Planning the production process is key and teamwork is essential. JIT -'just in time' technology is used to stop parts being over ordered and taking up space and costing the firm money. Clear plans and timescales are crucial, remember in industry time is money.
How to Build...
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How to Build..., A Jumbo Jet Engine
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4 July 2010

Classroom Ideas

Could be used to introduce learners to the principles of just-in-time (JIT) manufacture. Learners could list the advantages and disadvantages of JIT for manufacturers.

Students should develop an understanding of how products are manufactured to different scales of production, including one-offs, batch, mass, continuous, just-in-time. They could be given a list of products and asked to determine which production method is most appropriate, giving reasons for each choice.

Another aspect that might be discussed is the use of ICT to manage the logistics of a just-in-time production line.