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Rob Lacey, author of 'The Word on the Street', reads his contemporary version of the story of Creation. This is compared with the King James version. Lacey's paraphrase is not, he explains, a replacement for the 'real' Bible, but a way into it for those for whom the traditional translations are inaccessible.
Pathways of Belief
This clip is from:
Pathways of Belief, The Bible: The Old Testament
First broadcast:
16 January 2004

Classroom Ideas

Explain that the Bible, originally written in Hebrew and Greek, has been translated into many languages, and discuss reasons for this. Use the clip to explore differences between the language of the King James Bible, published in 1611, and Lacey's version for today. Which do they prefer? Does one help to explain the other? Should 'religious' language be different from everyday language? Try some dramatic reading of the texts, possibly using images and music, and explore how meaning is most effectively conveyed.

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