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Artist Fiona Rae demonstrates how she uses ICT to create a piece of public art for a BBC building in London's West End. The 20 x 14m work is printed on to vinyl and put on scaffolding. We see how she made several designs before deciding on her final piece. She uses text, images and ICT to create her designs. We see her realising her initial ideas were overcrowded and needing to use bold shapes and colours to create something punchy and very graphic to make more of an impact on the street.
This clip is from:
Contemporary Visions
First broadcast:
25 October 2007

Classroom Ideas

Students could produce their own designs for a piece of public art in the style of Fiona Rae. They could select a building from their local area that they think would be enhanced by a piece of public art. They could then conduct first hand research, drawing and taking photographs on location, to help them with their design. They could use some of the letters of the building, place or even the date it was built. Then, using picture editing software, they could experiment with lettering and colour. Finally, they could superimpose their artwork onto the building, making it look as if their work is in place.

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