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Blists Hill in Shropshire is a Victorian town theme park which recreates Victorian life. It portrays the Victorian era as safer, idyllic and more attractive than life today. But why have the curators of the museum chosen to interpret the Victorians in this way? Not far from Blists Hill is the Black Country Living Museum. It shows the cosy, comfortable cottages of particular Victorians. Students show what curators chose to include, and chose to leave out, is all about interpretation. One curator suggests their interpretation is the result of listening to visitors who don't want to see anything harsh and horrible about the past.
Curriculum Bites
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Curriculum Bites, History - Interpretations
First broadcast:
9 January 2008

Classroom Ideas

Students could watch this clip as the start of an exploration of their own local museum. They could be tasked with auditing the museum to see what it has included in its representation of the past, and what it has missed out. They could interview the curator to help explain why the museum has presented that particular interpretation.

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