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Percentages are a good way to describe fractions of quantities. They are used in everyday life to convey information as varied as amounts of fat in food and how much we can expect to save in a sale. Sanjeev Kohli goes to the gym to show that 100% is the maximum effort anyone can give. We hear from his instructor, Riccardo Scala, that percentages are vital to fitness training and nutrition. Sanjeev calculates percentages on the hop while training for the Celebrity Space Hopper Mathletes competition.
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12 June 2013

Classroom Ideas

Gives learners an insight into the fact that percentages are a popular way to describe fractions in everyday life. The clip can be used as an introduction to a lesson on percentages where learners can check the presenter's calculations and then explore in class how percentage of maximum is used in fitness training. Learners could research how this relates to age in the case of heartbeat. Extension into calculating interest on savings, comparing interest charges of credit cards, store cards, bank loans and pay-day loans. Research current interest rates. Discuss the amounts that a customer pays back during a year and how this may affect their lifestyle.