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The appalling conditions in the townships are clearly demonstrated by some powerful footage and penetrating commentary. The focus is on one township, but the conditions were common across them all. The film then moves to newly-built township areas. Interviews with African and other non-white business men reveal their views that the government's policies on townships were entirely motivated by the desire to divide the non-white races, and prevent them uniting. A white South African politician expresses the view that apartheid cannot work in the long term.

First broadcast in Panorama on 24 June 1957.
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4 June 2009

Classroom Ideas

Students could be tasked with describing the conditions in townships as though they were presenting a radio programme, rather than a TV broadcast. This should encourage the use of highly descriptive language. As a further task you could ask them to consider whether the questioning in a programme today would be different from the style of questioning used in this clip.

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