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Extract from the drama 'Don't Let Go'. Teenage couple Billy and Rachel are expressing a range of emotions following the break up of their relationship. They are both trying to work out how to cope with the situation. Billy is very frustrated about the break up of his relationship with Rachel. He is angry and unable to manage the emotions he is struggling with, and has few outlets to communicate with others. Rachel is feeling guilty about hurting Billy and is unsure about the best way forward. She talks about her feelings with supportive friends and begins to work out effective ways of easing the situation.
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22 June 2007

Classroom Ideas

After watching this clip students could talk about seeking advice and support in relationships - they could explore a range of possibilities and explore the benefits and negative aspects in relation to the ways in which Billy and Rachel managed their break up. This clip is the last of three clips from Don't Let Go - teenage first sex.

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