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A street performer asks the children in his audience to come up with similarities and differences between cubes and cuboids. Examples are that it has six faces, all of the faces are the same size and the same square shape and all the edges are the same length. He asks what objects you can find in your house that are shaped like a cube.
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10 September 2007

Classroom Ideas

This clip can be used to introduce pupils to the differences between cubes and cuboids. The lesson could begin with some pupils being asked (or given a card with the relevant word on) to find cubes and others cuboids around the room and bring them to the front. These could be laid out beforehand, along with some otherwise-shaped objects. After this, the clip can be played and pupils given the opportunity to swap their objects if they think they have made a mistake. Ultimately, all pupils should have the correct shape that they were instructed to locate in their hands.

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