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The actors use the clues in the text to build their unique interpretation of Caesar’s murder. MARCUS BRUTUS - Paterson Joseph CASSIUS - Cyril Nri JULIUS CAESAR - Jeffery Kissoon CASCA - Joseph Mydell DECIUS BRUTUS - Andrew French METELLUS CIMBER - Mark Theodore TREBONIUS - Segun Akingbola CINNA, THE CONSPIRATOR - Chinna Wodu ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR - Gbolahan Obisesan. Contains some violence which students may find upsetting. Teacher review recommended prior to use in class.
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7 September 2012

Classroom Ideas

Ask students to read through Caesar's speeches, making a 'thumbs up' sign every time Caesar speaks about himself and a 'thumbs down' when he speaks of others. How does this help to emphasise Shakespeare's use of language here, and his creation of character for Caesar? Ask students to draw a staircase or escalator. On it, they should write the words and phrases that Caesar uses about himself in what they see as increasing order of arrogance (for instance, 'Olympus' should be somewhere near They can draw a graph of the tension in the scene, with a different coloured line for each character, annotating key words at each spike in tension. A release of tension comes with Casca's words and the first blow. Laying out the scene in this schematic form should clarify the way in which Shakespeare intensifies the tension in the scene so as to bring about the point of murder. Draw an outline, as of a murder victim, on the floor or the whiteboard. Ask students to, in character, decide where they would have stabbed Caesar and why. What does the production's decision about Brutus's blow suggest about his feelings towards Caesar at that point?

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