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People discuss what they like and dislike about living in a particular country. The greatest viewpoint affecting their opinions is the weather. Many people dislike the weather in France and other Francophone countries. Two people interviewed state that the worst thing about living in France is the weather. There are also other reasons for disliking a country such as missing family and the friendliness of the people.
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11 September 2008

Classroom Ideas

Pupils could be introduced to this clip with a simple sort-out activity, with advantages and disadvantages on cards. All the advantages and disadvantages mentioned in the video should be included, adding more to make the activity more interesting. As they listen, pupils then have to put the cards in order they are mentioned, and create an extra category for the those that aren't. Pupils could do the second listening activity as suggested on the clip, i.e. finding out how many people mention family. This could be extended to further questions: how many people mention the weather? How many people mention the people of France? etc. Finally, this could lead to a paired-up debate to practice speaking skills: in each pair, one pupil would be in favour of living in France, whilst the other would be against it. This could be run as a competition, i.e. the first one to run out of ideas loses.

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