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Which animal is the best hunter in the water? An animation explaining how crocodiles are good parents but are the most dangerous predators in water and swamps. Grandad Charlie, an elderly tortoise, tells his grandson Sam the story of a young crocodile and his friend Lizzie, a lizard, who live in the swamp. Lizzie's mother tells Lizzie that adult crocodiles can eat a lizard in one gulp. Croc doubts this as his mother is gentle and made a nest for him before he was born. Croc insisted he'd never eat Lizzie but later smells Lizzie and almost eats her. He tells her they can't be friends as he is growing up and becoming a hunter. Grandad Charlie explains crocodiles have a nice side and are good parents, but are also dangerous predators.
First broadcast:
3 March 2009

Classroom Ideas

After watching the clip, the children can be asked to draw pictures of a crocodile and the food it eats. They could go on to draw pictures of other animals they know about and the foods they eat, too. Help the children to use information sources to find out about the diets of a range of animals, including common household pets. Can they think of any more animals that are hunters and eat other animals? Can they think of any animals that do not hunt, but only eat plants? Sort the children's drawings into two sets: meat eaters and plant eaters. Ask: "In what ways are all the meat eaters the same?" Children might note the presence of pointed teeth and claws, as well as front-facing eyes. Ask: "In what ways are the plant eaters the same?" Children might note the presence of flatter teeth and side-facing eyes.