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The composer Priti Paintal describes her experience of creating a dance remix of her composition 'Gangotri'. She tells us that the original piece was inspired by the Himalayan landscape resulting in a chilled and relaxed mood. She describes how she used the pentatonic scale and simple harmonies to create the piece. She then describes the process of working with a DJ to create a dance remix using drum loops and bass sounds. Priti sampled and looped some of the ideas from the original track and combined this with drum loops and bass.
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16 June 1999

Classroom Ideas

Students learn to play a gentle, relaxing piece of music provided by the teacher on any instrument. Using a drum machine, or a drum beat pattern provided by keyboard or computer, they have to try to make their tune fit with the rhythm part. Simple additional parts can be added, perhaps using basic harmonies, other percussion patterns and swirling synth patterns on keyboards

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