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The Asian tsunami of 2004 was caused by tectonic activity beneath the Indian Ocean. A fault twenty miles below the ocean surface ruptured, forcing one of the plates to be thrust upwards by as much as 40 feet. The ocean above was forced upwards and the displaced water moved out as a series of giant ripples. From the land, the first sign of a tsunami is the water being dragged out to sea. The vertical wall of the tsunami destroyed everything in its path.
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16 March 2006

Classroom Ideas

Students could be given a sequence of simple diagrams that show the stages of development of a tsunami and as they watch the clip they should idenitfy information to help them explain the development of the hazard, annotating as they watch. They may wish to view the short clip a few times to capture all of the key ideas. From this they should be able to develop a good explanation supported by their diagrams.

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