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Ugly Sister, Graphica, has made a birthday cake for Erica, the puppet. She is 40 months old today. Ugly Sister, Angular, has made a birthday cake too. This one is for Mrs Aubergine who is 40 weeks old. Three questions then challenge us firstly to work out how old 40 months is in years and months, how old 40 weeks is in months, and lastly asks us to work out how many days old we are today.
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22 March 2012

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used as a lesson starter to introduce conversions of units of time - from months, into years and months and weeks, into months and years. Pupils will be able to use their knowledge of how many days there are in a week to build up multiples and remainders, to arrive at sensible solutions. There are two differentiated questions that are closed and an open-ended question that could be the stimulus for further time investigations.

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