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A detailed profile of the Mapusaurus, a carnivorous dinosaur that lived around 95 million years ago. We discover its origins, its habitat, age, length and weight and watch as it hunts a herd of Argentinosaurus, whilst geological evidence proves this creature was indeed a pack hunter. Comparisons are then drawn with modern day pack hunters.
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8 February 2012

Classroom Ideas

This clip can be used in a lesson creating reports, accounts or even stories about real-life things. The clip can be used as a means of providing pupils with evidence and examples of what they are writing about. Depending on the purpose of the piece of writing, pupils can be asked to select key pieces of evidence from the clip which they will then use in their piece of writing as a way of both proving and embellishing what they are saying. Children could use this as a basis for writing a recount of an event or writing from the perspective of one of the dinosaurs.

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