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Two brothers describe their mother and father. We have to guess the family member by listening to the description. We listen to a song about family members and children talk about what they do with their parents.
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30 May 2007

Classroom Ideas

Could be used in conjunction with teaching how to describe physical appearance. A class could watch the game of guessing the family member, then, in groups of four, they could play their own game of guessing the culprit (le coupable) out of a line up of three suspects (les suspects). They could be encouraged to find out some more unusual vocabulary like “snub-nosed” (un nez retroussé) and “freckles” (des taches de rousseur), then play the game, as in the clip, with the three supects trying to guess which one of them is being described. A alternative might be to work in pairs, back-to-back, whereby one person describes the 'culprit' whilst the other draws what they hear being described. The middle part of the clip, the song, could be used as a gap-fill exercise; Mon père il a deux ___________(frères), Et j’ai ______(deux) frères aussi, le _______(grand) s’appelle Thierry, et Paul est le plus _____(petit), ______(j’ai) deux frères deux frères deux frères, tu ___(as) un frère un frère un frère?, mais je n’ai pas de _______(soeurs), ma ______(mere) elle a deux frères…. In the third part, the class could listen to the 'enquête' about what hobbies are shared with parents and decide which two are the favourites (shopping and going for walks). A creative task could be to bring in a photo of a family member and talk for one minute about this person.