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On the same day as the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, the news that a group of British explorers had climbed to the top of Everest reached Britain. This all helped to make people more hopeful about the years ahead. The best news for children was that sweets were no longer rationed. Between 1945 and 1951, the Labour government increased the number of new houses, signalling a fresh start. People were able to start filling their homes with electrical goods and luxury items. After the coronation, a television became the new must have item. With thanks to British Movietone and British Pathé.
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1 May 2007

Classroom Ideas

After viewing the clip, encourage the class to identify family members who were young in the 1950s. As a homework assignment, pupils could ask relatives for their memories of the time. What has changed? What is still the same? Was life better in the fifties, or is it better now? Which events from the 1950s stand out the most clearly in the memory of someone who lived through that decade?

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