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An introduction to Dijon at night. We see what there is to do at night, such as going to the cinema. Members of the public are then asked what time they go home in the evening and what time their children have to be back at home.
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30 May 2007

Classroom Ideas

Could be used as the basis for a class 'enquête' about a home town. Begin by giving the class a town plan of the city of Dijon which shows various landmarks. The class has a list of landmarks in English and should circle the landmarks as they work down the list. The list might include; the cathedral of St Bénigne, the archaeological museum, the school of fine arts, the Republic Square.
The class might also be invited to identify three further landmarks not on the list.

Next, the class could be presented with the list of keywords and phrases in the form of a chronological grid. As they watch the clip, they can tick of the words as they hear them and then translate them into English, once the clip is over. They could then research how to describe five landmarks within their own town. The final stage would be to carry out a class questionnaire, using the questions, ‘C’est quoi pour toi?’(give 5 things) and ‘A quelle heure, tu rentres à la maison?’

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