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Fifteen-year-old Siannii describes how she became a victim of cyberbullying and explains how anti-bullying software can help to prevent this. She describes the devastating impact of discovering hurtful and offensive comments posted on a social networking page and explains how the bullying escalated, transferring into the real world. Siannii's bullies used a website-building site, 'Piczo', to create a page about her. Chris Seth of 'Piczo' talks about how they tackle the serious problem of cyberbullying and offers advice to young people about how to deal with it. The director of IT at a London school, which has invested in anti-bullying software, demonstrates how it works.
First broadcast:
14 November 2008

Classroom Ideas

Prior to watching the clip, a poll could be taken to ask the class if any of them have ever seen a bad thing written about them online, and if any of them have ever written something bad about other people. This could be a blind poll to encourage anonymous responses. Pupils could be asked to write down, and offer to the teacher, the worst thing that has been written to inform a later discussion. This clip describes what has happened to Siannii, but does not look at the motivation of bullies. This would be a place to develop a lesson, with discussion and questions about what bullies get out of this kind of behaviour, so that the spiteful and hurtful motivation can be drawn out. This could then turn into a written letter to Siannii from one of the bullies, explaining why they decided to target her and how the bully now feels.

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