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Graphical presentation explaining the formation of tropical storms. Satellite images and a map of the track of Hurricane Mitch are also included. There is also news footage of the effects of the storm.

Classroom Ideas

The sequence of events which leads to the formation of a hurricane are clearly demonstrated and lend themselves to an ordering task. This could be a card-sort exercise where statements are sequenced from sea surface temperatures reaching 27 degrees through to a fully developed category 5 hurricane. Or, maybe a game of 'dominoes', with each domino leading to the next stage in the sequence. For example, Domino 1 would have 'sea temperatures reach 27 oC’ and ‘warm air rises creating low pressure'. Domino 2 would be 'warm air rises creating low pressure' and 'rising air spirals due to the spin of the Earth'. Domino 3 would be 'rising air spirals due to the spin of the Earth' and 'winds become stronger - a tropical depression forms'. Continue the sequence until you reach 'Hurricane Mitch reaches category 5 with winds of 178 mph'. This activity could be followed by a spider diagram showing the impacts of Hurricane Mitch on Honduras, covering the effects on crops, houses, power, and the impact of storm surges and landslides.

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