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Jamie Theakston and Marcelle Duprey try to find which food wore the Ancient Egyptians' teeth down. Evidence is found in tombs, looking at the hieroglyphics and considering the different diets of the rich and poor. How the climate affects food production is considered and how this affects the seasons of the Nile. A graphic is shown that illustrates the seasons of the River Nile. A Nilometer is shown and explained.
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16 November 2007

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used as stimulus to discuss how archaeologists ask and answer questions about history (enquiry) and how artefacts such as wall carvings provide evidence. When studying rivers, the explanation of inundation along with the diagram and explanation of the Nile source provides a lot of geographical vocabulary to discuss. Pupils could make their own working version of a nilometer to demonstrate how inundation worked. A study could be made of different types of measurements people use - eg cubits.