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How do ostrich parents look after their young in a perilous environment? Ostrich chicks face a life with many dangers. They must be protected from predators, kept out of the intense heat of the sun and taken to a food source when the yolk in their stomachs has been depleted. Parents watch the chicks for 24 hours a day with the mother and father taking turns. Chicks must grow seven inches a month to reach adult height within a year and must find water sources to drink and cool down in as the sun is the most serious threat to young chicks.
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19 June 2009

Classroom Ideas

Children could use this clip to learn about ostriches. They could discuss how ostriches are different to other animals they have learnt about. Children could also complete geography work, identifying where ostriches live. Children could make a full size ostrich in class to help comprehend how big they are. This clip could lead into a discussion on how our mothers care for us when we are small. Children could complete some writing on what life would be like as a baby ostrich.

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