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Pupils are set a task by Legoland's chief model-maker to find the volume of a solid cuboid shape using specific dimensions. How many bricks are needed to create a solid shape which has 8 bricks along the top, 9 bricks down the side and is 10 bricks deep? The formula is explained and the problem is solved.
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14 September 2007

Classroom Ideas

Could be used to spark an exploration of where volume measuring comes in handy. Pupils can watch the clip and then come up with their own ideas about where they might want or need to measure volume. They can then be asked to watch the clip again and write down the formula for volume as soon as they can, putting their hand up once they have it. Once all pupils have got their hands in the air, the clip can be stopped and selected pupils asked to write on a mini whiteboard the formula. To consolidate this, pupils can then be given questions where they have to use this formula to work out various volumes.

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