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Many Christians read the Bible with the expectation that the world will come to an end and Christ will return, and some Afrikaans Christians talk about why they believe this. Presenter Reverend Peter Owen-Jones visits some Afrikaans Calvinist Christians to discuss their beliefs about the return of Christ and the impact of these beliefs on their lives.

He joins in with a prayer service and questions them about their faith, and they discuss the imminence of the return of Christ. The presenter gives his reflection on their views, offering an explanation for their adherence to the belief that the world is soon to end.
This clip is from:
The Far East
First broadcast:
9 January 2009

Classroom Ideas

Older students may reflect on the sociological explanation offered by the presenter, that the world of the Afrikaaners is coming to an end as they know it, which prompts their belief in the end of the world for all. Younger students may consider what impact it would have on how they and others live in the light of the imminent return of a supernatural judge. Many religious traditions talk of a messianic figure returning to Earth to judge and to heal.

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