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A look at home life in 1930s Britain. It opens with Marge's sister listening to the radio. Marge's voiceover describes one programme in particular that she loved as a child. The children carry out household duties before their father arrives home. Marge's mother prepares a mutton pie and the family plan a trip to the cinema.
This clip is from:
Watch, Within Living Memory - Life at Home
First broadcast:
8 November 2007

Classroom Ideas

Help the children work out how old they would be today, if they had been born in 1930. Ask the children to notice anything in the house they see in the clip that is different from a house today. How many differences can they spot? For example, can the children spot any plastics in the 1930s home? After viewing the clip, encourage children to share the things they noticed. Watch the clip again to confirm the children's observations. Ask pupils to describe how they think things would feel, smell and taste in the 1930s home. What would they hear in a house like this?

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