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'Bruno' is the latest prototype Mars Rover all-terrain vehicle. It is being put though its paces at the EADS Astrium Mars test facility ready for its mission to explore the surface of Mars. Bruno is remotely controlled by computer and wireless link and designed to navigate the sandy and stony Martian landscape. To tackle this difficult terrain, Bruno has six independent wheels with suspension to keep them all on the ground at all times.

Each wheel can be controlled independently, which allows Bruno to move about in different ways. It can steer in the normal way like a car, or turn about a fixed point. It can also climb over small rocks and 'walk' with its wheels, like an insect. Bruno can also see and feel where it's going using remote-controlled cameras and other sensing devices.
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23 March 2010

Classroom Ideas

Within a topic on space, children could be given a design brief to design a vehicle for a specified planet. To begin with, children could be asked what they would need to know. After an initial brainstorm, children could watch the clip and record what the technician needed to consider in order to design Bruno. Then the children could follow these steps to generate their own designs for a space vehicle. To complete the project, children could be given the task of presenting their space vehicle design to a NASA representative for selection.