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We are introduced to Julien who shows us around his house and describes the items in each room. He also tells us what activities he does in his bedroom. We are then introduced to Maxime who describes what he does in the morning before going to school.
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30 May 2007

Classroom Ideas

Could be used as preparation for the production of a mini-book about home routine. The class could watch the clip and complete the following activities:

a) The items of furniture mentioned in Julien’s introduction to his home could be presented as a list in French, with the English translation jumbled up. The class would pair the French words with their correct meaning.
b) In the account of what Julien does in his room, the class might have the phrases with a choice of three verbs to select from (i) je fais/ joue/ écoute mes devoirs (ii) je fais/ lis/ joue mes livres (iii) je lis/ j’écoute/ je mange ma musique (iv) je bois/ fais/ lis de la guitarre.
c) In the account of Maxime’s routine, a series of gaps could be filled in: (i) je me reveille tous les jours à _______(sept) heures (ii) je me _______(lève) à sept heures dix (iii) ensuite je __________(vais) directement dans la salle de bains (iv) Je me lave et après ma __________(douche) je m’habille (v) je _______(prends ) mon petit déjeuner à 7.30.

The creative part could be the challenge of producing a mini-book about a fictitious character, with illustrations teaching someone how to describe home activities.

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