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A report about healthcare provision in Guadalajara, Mexico. We visit Cerro del 4, a new suburb of Guadalajara, capital of the Mexican state of Jalisco. We meet Dr Armida who specialises in the welfare of children and women. She talks to Marí, a local woman whose pregnancy is in its early stages. She also outlines the neighbourhood's most pressing health issues and her hopes for the future.
Suenos - World Spanish
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Suenos - World Spanish, Barrio
First broadcast:
28 October 2008

Classroom Ideas

A class could follow Dr Armida's conversation with her patient and try to answer the following questions:
1. To what does the doctor attribute the main health problems of Guadalajara? (lack of drainage, lack of fresh water, malnutrition, lack of antenatal care, infestations with parasites)
2. What does she believe will help the people of Guadalajara in the future? (consistent enthusiasm, determination, self-help) and
3. After a period of nine months, what improvements have been made in Guadalajara? (improved drainage, a new secondary school).