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Presenter Reverend Peter Owen-Jones travels to Negash, in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia, where he visits a Muslim community and discusses their responses to repeated droughts and famine. He recalls distressing TV images of famine in the 1980s, contrasting it with the beauty of the countryside in the Ethiopian highlands. In the valley of Negash he visits the first Muslim settlement in Sub-Saharan Africa and joins in with a prayer meeting. He talks with people about the problem of suffering and whether their prayers are ever left unanswered. He gives a personal reflection on how his experiences have not matched his rather uneasy expectations.
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2 January 2009

Classroom Ideas

This would be appropriate when considering the problem of suffering and evil. Pupils may prepare for this clip by watching clips from the 1980s famine reports in Ethiopia. They might be asked to consider how religious believers respond to this and what life in Ethiopia might be like now. After viewing the clip they could give one response they identified correctly, two things they were surprised by and three questions they might like to ask the presenter or the Muslim believers.

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