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Lizzie Gough, a judge on 'Alesha’s Street Dance Stars', teaches a masterclass focussing on locking with the help of a dance group named 5XS. Lizzie gives a brief history of locking followed by an example of the style by 2 different groups. The warm up is taught in a follow my leader style with clear teaching points and counts throughout, working up to the beat. Lizzie introduces locking steps including isolations.

There are four sections with each section containing two counts of eight. The sections are broken down and repeated both with teaching points and counts giving visual and oral direction. Section two will allow group members to work with partners and section four will allow dancers to travel off the spot. Lizzie and 5XS then perform all four sections together to a chosen piece of music and the piece is performed twice to show how the travel section could be used.
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11 January 2012

Classroom Ideas

This clip can be used as an introduction to street dance for the specialist and non-specialist teacher. It can also be used in the classroom as a follow my leader style session. Teachers would have to decide how they wanted to break the film down but a suggested format could be: warm up, sections 1 – 4 and cool down. Take one section per week (for more advanced students look at Action, Space, Dynamics and Relationships and apply these to chosen sections). This clip could also be used as a research tool for older groups when looking at different street dance styles.

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