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A short animation featuring a modern-day reptile and a prehistoric Microraptor hunting prey. The reptile is shown hunting a mouse in the desert before the Microraptor swoops down on its prey, attacking it with its claws.
This clip is from:
Planet Dinosaur
First broadcast:
8 February 2012

Classroom Ideas

This clip can be used to demonstrate how predators catch their prey. Discuss the different methods the two predators use. Which physical attributes help them when they are hunting? Provide some children with pictures of the Microraptor and others with pictures of the reptile. Ask children to first label all the parts of the body (model this on an IWB) then ask them to put in an adjective in front of the body part, for example 'sharp teeth'. Write a description of the hunters including how their adaptations help them to catch their prey. Children could also write presentational links like the ones that are used to introduce the content of a television show before the opening titles roll. Scenes could be paused and children could collate lists of powerful vocabulary to describe the scene. The paused screen/ event can be described in a short paragraph to develop setting, sentence structure and vocabulary. Children can place themselves in the scene and write in the first person from the perspective of the subject, describing its emotions and its awareness of surroundings.