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A 'Little Human Planet' report visiting a young girl's home in Greenland and a little boy’s home in Brazil on the Rio Negro, the largest tributary of the Amazon River. We see inside both houses and watch as the young boy canoes to school on the flooded river. The school is on stilts in the middle of the river.
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19 February 2011

Classroom Ideas

The children could be offered the role of Hannah or Carlos. Whilst the children who are Hannah observe the first part of the clip, the other children must close their eyes and put their fingers in their ears. The children watching should be challenged to remember three things about Hannah's life and where she lives. Once the clip presents the life of Carlos, the roles should be reversed. Once both groups have watched their respective clips, they could get together in groups of four. Firstly the two children who watched the Hannah clip can explain what her life was like and those who watched Carlos can then explain what his life is like. The children could then watch the clip again to see what information might be missing. As an additional activity, pupils could compare and contrast the lives of the two children with their own, completing simple sentence such as: 'My life is like Carlos' because he ______. My life is different to Carlos' because ______.'

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