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An exploration of relations between Scotland and England during the 100 Year War. How Henry V kept James I of Scotland captive, in an attempt to control the Scots. Henry then allowed James greater freedom, because he wanted him on side. He hoped to divide the alliance of the Scots and French, against whom England were fighting in the 100 Year War. James' authority over the Scots was defied at the siege of Melun.

This siege, the defeat of the Scots and their execution for treason are all explained by presenter, Neil Oliver.
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1 December 2008

Classroom Ideas

Could be used to illustrate the ever-changing relationships between Scotland and England, and the Auld Alliance uniting Scotland and France. It could also provide background information for further study of the reign of James I. Students may even want to consider the concept of treason and discuss where a subject's allegiance should lie - with their country or their monarch?