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Princess Amber is imprisoned by the Evil Ruler. To rescue her, Captain Calamity must use logic and clues to find and slay the huge, fire-breathing dragon and bring back evidence that he has achieved this. He heads east and carries a blue triangular flag as a clue. At the fork in the road, the triangular shape of the flag is a clue to take the route which has trees with triangular leaves. The blue colour of the flag provides the next clue. Captain Calamity finds the dragon and wins another quest.
This clip is from:
Starship, Data Handling
First broadcast:
24 January 2008

Classroom Ideas

Set the scene by watching the clip and introducing the quest which Captain Calamity needs to go on to find the dragon. Recreate the school grounds to be the area where the quest will take place. Go outside and determine where east is (using the signs as clues) and explain they need to put the remaining signs (N and S) in the relevant places. Using a variety of clues, the children can see if they can find their way to the dragon. At each clue, the children must solve a maths calculation or problem so they can move onto the next one (you could feature the characters from the clip in your clues). The children could also write directions, in the form of instructions, to get from one place to another.