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Dublin, Arenia and Eliana meet not one but two astronauts. The first astronaut, Jeff Hoffman, helps the children launch their very own rockets and describes the feeling of weightlessness. They then speak to Bonnie Dunbar over an internet video call. Bonnie answers all their questions about living in space and shows them some amazing videos of astronauts in space.
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10 January 2012

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used to develop an awareness of space rockets and the work of astronauts. The class could discuss together how the first men on the moon were part of the Apollo 11 mission, finding out about their rocket, Saturn V, which had three different sections, with a command or service module and a lunar module at the top. Children could then make an air rocket from a small empty drinks carton. Ask children to think about what an astronaut needs to be good at, and encourage children to find out from books and on the internet about how people came to be astronauts, and the work they do in space.

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