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An introduction to the idea that French people, especially in the South of France, have a siesta in the afternoon. The shops therefore close at lunchtime for four hours.
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30 May 2007

Classroom Ideas

Can be used to revise prepositions of place (dans, sur, etc). Students could pick out the ones they hear, then the list could be extended and they could say where various things are in the room. Can also be used for practising common verbs in the form of the perfect tense. Students could write down a few phrases of their own about what they did last night or last weekend and then work in pairs. A list could be compiled for everyone to copy down and learn. They could then write a paragraph about how they spent last weekend. They could note down and then say what the young people did, converting je to il/ elle,and onto ils, then write a short story about what a group of friends did last weekend.

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